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I have in stock cocaine in the 90% purity range.

This listing is for Cocaine that has crumbled into dust or small pieces my friends.
The pricing is cheaper and quality is relatively the same.

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1 GRAM Cocaine shake = $40.00USD

This price is 10 dollars cheaper than my shake listing on Dark0de to boost sales on Versus my friends.

This has all the left over cocaine from all my batches mixed together my friends.

april 15th: The current batches we have is the best product we have ever had

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A+ Product.

WARNNING: ALL OF OUR BATCHES ARE highly pure please drink lots of water and use with causion/moderation.

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very secure packaging, evacuated several times & dissimulate!

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For Europe/World shipping we do a package not bubble mail, ship with the french classic post

We prepare a very resistant discreet clean package, suitable for its size,

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The merchandise is very well hidden in objects that discourages theft in case a curious person tries to open the package!

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